PASADENA CITY HALL ENGAGEMENT | MINDY + ISAAC | Pasadena City Hall | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer | The Vondys

True love is flying down from the Bay Area the night before your engagement session to make sure your fiance has the engagement session she's been dreaming of at Pasadena City Hall!  Isaac did just that for his bride-to-be, Mindy.  I mean, wouldn't you?  Just look how adorable she is!  

Being long distance isn't easy!  Having started off our own relationship long distance (we only lasted a few months before @mr.vondy decided he'd had enough, up and quit his job and moved to LA!) we can't figure out how these two handle it with such grace!  Would you believe one of this super fashionable couple's favorite thing to do is binge Netflix? They will watch a show together, separately, to bond from afar! How cute is that? Mindy even told us she's been practicing sitting still by watching Netflix! HA! We had such a blast with these two!  

Seeing the commitment and dedication these two have to each other is truly something special that we are most certainly blessed (why do we always feel we have to say #blessed when using this word?) to be a part of in even a minor way.  We can't wait to witness these two say "I do" this summer!

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