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If you haven't noticed by now, we're a little bit nerdy... if by "a little bit" we mean a lot! We are obsessed with most "nerd culture" things, but Harry Potter is definitely near the top of our list for both of us. You guys, we went as Harry and Hermoine for our Halloween wedding after party & we chose London as our honeymoon location so we could do the WB Studio Tour (which was one of the most magical experiences of our lives!) We even talked about our mutual love of Harry Potter on our first date as @mr.vondy brought @mrs.vondy The Tales of Beetle and Bard as a present! If you're not a Potterhead, 1) what are you waiting for? and 2) you can just take our word for it, we're major fans.

Therefore, one of the coolest emails we have received so far this year was from The Knot photo editor asking if they could feature our Harry Potter engagement session!  If you were in our office that day, you might have seen us jumping up and down.  Naturally, we were as excited to share this session as we were when Danae and Ken agreed to the idea of a Harry Potter themed session at Universal Studios.  We are so excited to see it getting so much love on The Knot!

See Danae & Ken's feature on The Knot! }
{ See Danae & Ken's engagement session on our blog }

Anyone out there want to go to Universal for another Harry Potter session?!  We're dying to go back... just sayin!

photography – the vondys.   |   location – universal studios hollywood  |  signs -  victoria ortega of bella g creations

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