PASADENA ENGAGEMENT SESSION | SARA + JOSH | Castle Green | Pasadena Wedding Photographer | The Vondys

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What better way than to spend it on a date with Sara & Josh! Well, not really… but you can pretend you were with us during this session if you want. We started off at Castle Green, because, just look at it. Then we took a stroll to their favorite date spot, Pop Champagne Bar, where these two had their first kiss! How sweet is that? Thanks to Pop for letting us use your space too! Also, can we talk about how adorably stylish this couple is? Sara’s Gal Meets Glam dress (ladies, if you haven’t checked out these dresses, they are adorable and ALL have pockets. You’re welcome!) and Josh’s pattern/solid no-tie look is simply fab.

We know Valentine’s Day can seem a bit silly. I mean shouldn’t we treat our loved ones with love and kindness everyday? We feel Valentine’s Day should be a day you can be gently reminded to really appreciate those in your life that constantly show you why love is so important. So go buy a stranger coffee, give someone who looks sad a hug (@mr.vondy did just that in a vet’s office last week!), or simply call your mom and tell her she’ll always be your valentine. You’ll be glad you did!

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