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What happens when you get to a session, start shooting and it starts raining?? Magic! That is, when you have a couple like these two. We’re not sure how anyone could spend time with Ally and Rory and not want to spend even more time with them! Not only are they two lovely, fun people with a fabulous sense of humor, they even dealt with spontaneous rain we had in the middle of their session with such grace and patience! Seriously, they didn’t fret for one second while we killed time chatting under the cover of a dense tree branch. We’re glad these two took it in stride because (we may be bias) we think it was totally worth it!

To say we are excited for their Calimigos Ranch wedding would just be a gross understatement. We can’t wait!

Also, can we talk about Ally’s amazing “Jon Snow” like coat she brought along? As you know we’re a tad bit obsessed with GOT… so maybe it’s just us. Is it just us? Does it look like a Jon Snow coat?? Nevermind. Who else is watching GOT??

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