Plain and simple, we believe in giving our clients an experience unlike any other. 

Nowadays, the word "experience" has become a bit of a buzz word.  Here at the vondys., we don't throw that word around lightly.  We whole-heartedly believe that each and every one of our clients deserves the absolute best wedding photography experience possible.  After getting married ourselves, and being in your shoes, we realized how many vendors give their clients poor experiences.  We were shocked!  Luckily, because of these less than desirable experiences, we came to the realization that we really, truly have something unique to offer our clients.  

We believe having a personal connection with you & contributing to a stress-free wedding day, leads to the best photographs and thus, everyone wins!  Therefore, we want to give you the BEST experience before, during and after your wedding day.  

We KNOW how stressful wedding planning is; we've done it ourselves!  We KNOW you don't do this for a living, but guess what - we do!  We are here for any questions you may have or assistance you may need, photography related or not.  

Before your wedding day, being our client you can expect:

  • assistance in crafting a timeline (to avoid any potential stress!) 
  • referrals to our absolute favorite vendors (truly, they rock!)
  • our wedding day guide (tips and tricks to getting the most out of your day & photography)
  • our engagement guide 
  • any question answering you may need!

On your wedding day, we do our best to enhance your experience to make sure it truly is the best day of your lives thus far.  We strive to be more than just photographers.  We want to be trusted confidants by your side throughout the day, ready to assist you best we can, all while capturing memorable moments for you to treasure for a lifetime.

During your wedding day, being our client you can expect:

  • organized, relaxed, & friendly allies (us!) by your side, guiding you through your timeline throughout the day
  • friendly & fun collaboration with your vendors, wedding party, family & guests to help ensure that your wedding day is as stress-free as possible
  • a combination of photojournalistic style captured moments & naturally posed portraits
  • guidance during your portraits to ensure you look your best
  • attention to detail - we love capturing all the elements that make your day uniquely yours

After your wedding day, being our client you can expect:

  • prompt sneak peeks via our social media (instagram & facebook) or via email
  • a highlight of your wedding day to share with friends and family
  • an online gallery with organized groupings of your professional edited images
  • a download pin to receive all of your images in high resolution digital format
  • access to our award winning print lab & album company
  • amazing images to relive your day over and over again!

Our ultimate goal is that you not only have an amazing experience on your wedding day but to also allow you to relive your day over and over again through your wedding images.  Our most treasured compliment is "I feel like I was there" from a guest who was unable to attend, or "I just relived the entire day again".  

We hope you love your images so much that you can't wait to put them into one of our professional wedding albums or create a wall gallery of your favorite moments in your home.

We both do this full-time, so we eat, breath and sleep weddings.  Believe it or not, we never get tired of it!  In fact, we may be a little obsessed. (don't get mrs. vondy talking about shoes or dresses... or rings, or flowers...)

Once you're a vondys client, we have your back.  


You in?  Let's chat!  Contact us to set up your complimentary appointment!