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Oh no! We are so sorry to hear this happened! We get it, you thought you stored them somewhere or your hard drive crashed. It's totally tragic, but not to fret!  We should still have your images on file. We never purposely delete anything, but sometimes a hard drive (or two!) may crash, so if your wedding was quite a few years ago, we may not still have access to your files.  

DON'T WORRY! 99% of the time, we have them!
(no promises if you were mean, didn't tip or review us... jk!)


How to gain access to your high resolution images
Fill out the form below and we will see if we still have your images on our archived hard drives.  When we locate them, we will send you an invoice.  We typically charge a $250-$500 fee for a archival copy of your high-resolution digital images.  Once paid, we will get them to you as soon as possible!

We promise this isn't to scam you!  As you can understand, it takes us time to find your images, make sure they are properly organized, get them uploaded (this process takes hours!), create a print release, create a special code and then email them to you. Typically we are paying an assistant to help make sure this is a speedy process for you as well!  We appreciate your understanding!

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We promise not to judge!


Having issues? Just want to talk about the latest Marvel movie with us?  Email us (hello@thevondys.com) & we will get back to you within 48 business hours.

Keep in mind, our business hours are Tuesday-Friday from 12-6pm unless we're out of town, or off shooting something epic! Mondays are our day to take a break (aka run a ton of errands) after shooting all weekend!