Some things we know about Jeni and Brad:
1) They love TV shows, especially How I Met Your Mother, so they brought a yellow umbrella along to their session! They are also great planners as the umbrella was also a great backup option in case it rained (it didn’t!). We’ve had SO many sessions rained out this year, it’s crazy!
2) They love their Studio City neighborhood and especially Aroma coffee. Have you been? Order the cake, thank us later.
3) They are both named “Jeni” and “Brad” and it’s not short for anything! In fact, that’s the whole reason they fell in love. Just kidding, we made that last sentence up, but it’d be kinda cute if that was the reason they fell in love, wouldn’t it?
4) They have different opinions on what extras say on set when they are pretending to talk… anyone have any opinions on this? Let’s settle it!
5) Finally, what we know about them is we can’t wait for their wedding this summer! After spending some time exploring Studio City with them, we know it’s going to be an absolutely fabulous wedding day!

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