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How should you store your images?  With changing technology, it can be hard to keep up!

Rules we stand by:
1) Download your photos IMMEDIATELY. Although we do our best to remind you, you don't want that slipping your mind.
2)  ALWAYS keep your photos in TWO places at once.  For instance, save them to a hard drive (or two!) or a USB and keep it in a fire safe box in your home.  Dropbox, google drive or another offsite storage site is also a great idea just in case something should happen in the years to come!
3) If you accidently lose your images, contact us!  We have more about that here.


Q: Help! I lost/can't find my photos!  What do I do??
A: Don't fret, we got you!  We have an entire post on this!  Check it out here!

Q: Is any one storage method better than another?  Do we lose integrity on the images by storing them online vs on a hard drive?
A: We aren't the most techie of tech people, but as far as we know, no one storage method is better than another. We wouldn't recommend compressing your files (i.e. putting them into a zip folder) as a means of storage, but other than that, we don't see how one storage method would change the integrity of your images.

Q: I'm trying to print at a lab of my choice and it's saying the file size is too small!
A: Your files are the EXACT size we received from our photographer.  We printed a canvas at 36x40 at our favorite lab (you can use it too!) and it's breathtaking!  We have also printed countless albums and prints at this size.  If a lab is telling you they need larger images, they may not know what they are doing.

Q: I want to order prints, canvases or an album with you but I'm just not ready yet!  Can I do it at a later date?
A: Of course!!  We are happy to print something for you ANYTIME.  All we ask is that you pay a small reactivation fee that we will put toward any purchase you decide to make! Read more about that here.


Other ways to store your images:
1) A wedding album!  This is a great way to relive your day, share with friends, family and generations to come, all while keeping your images safe!
2) PRINTS! Hang them on your walls, store them in a safe drawer, let your images live on off of the hard drives and usbs. 
3) Wall Collections. These are great ways to show off your photos and your personalities!  Also, they are a conversation piece!  We have one from our wedding in our home and every person that comes to our house mentions it.


Having issues? Just want to talk about the latest Marvel movie with us?  Email us ( & we will get back to you within 48 business hours.

Keep in mind, our business hours are Tuesday-Friday from 12-6pm unless we're out of town, or off shooting something epic! Mondays are our day to take a break (aka run a ton of errands) after shooting all weekend!